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In line with the LANECO management program and thrust to reduce the power utilization, the member-consumers are advice in the most practical and effective way to follow some energy conservation tips which are meant to guide all electricity consumers in using the least amount of electricity without reducing the standards of basic goods and services.


  1. Turn-off unnecessary lights.
  2. Better yet, use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) that utilize 70%-80% less energy than incandescent equivalents. CFL may cost higher but lasts 8 to 13 times the life of the incandescent bulbs, hence, would cost lesser in the long run.
  3. Clean lamps regularly. Dirt lessens illumination by as much as 50 %.
  4. Replace immediately lamps that show signs of busting out.


  1. Switch off the set when no one is watching. Unplug when not in used.
    Do not let it stay on stand-by mode since it also consumes additional cost of electricity.
  2. Watch the TV together with your family. It could not only save on cost of electricity consumption but also promotes family bonding.
  3. Reduce the volume of your TV set. Loud volume consumes higher electricity.
  4. Black and white TV sets use less electricity than colored ones. Likewise, smaller TV sets consumes lesser electricity.
  5. Substitute computer games with educational board games and physical activities that will improve the total well being of the individual.


  1. Turn off and unplug the fan when not in use. Any appliances only switch is turn off but not unplug will consume additional energy cost for at least
    25% of the total wattage of your appliances.
  2. If comfortable enough, set the fan to “low”.
  3. Lock the oscillator when the fan is needed in one direction only. This way, air is blown directly to where it is needed.
  4. Clean and oil the fan regularly to enable it to work efficiently.


  1. Choose a refrigerator model and size suited to your family needs.
  2. Defrost the refrigerator regularly. Do not allow the frost to thicken to more than ¼ inch.
  3. Replace immediately loose refrigerator gaskets. To test, place a peso bill in between the rubber magnet and close the door. The seal is tight if the peso bill is hard to pull out.
  4. Place the refrigerator away from the stove and direct hit to sunlight.
  5. Open the refrigerator door as infrequent and briefly as possible. Make sure the door really closes.
  6. Keep the refrigerator fans and coils clean and dust free by vacuuming or brushing off the condenser coil once a year.
  7. Do not store hot foods in the refrigerator.
  8. Do not overstuff your refrigerator. Internal circulation is important.
  9. Place the refrigerator at least 4 inches away from the wall to allow air circulation and ventilation.
  10. If the refrigerator is almost empty, put a few bottles of water to help store the cold.
  11. Turn off spare refrigerator when you are not using it. Store it with child safety in mind.


  1. Do all the ironing at one time.
  2. Dampen clothes moderately. Excessively moistened clothes take longer to iron.
  3. Stretch the clothes after rinsing and before hanging them to dry to reduce creases. Fold clothes properly after drying to eliminate the need for ironing.
  4. Iron heavy clothes first and the lighter ones at the last so that the remaining heat after the flat iron is unplugged could be used to press the light clothing.
  5. Switch off the electric iron in the last few minutes of ironing. There will be enough heat to press the lighter clothes.


  1. Choose the right capacity of the air-con appropriate to the size of the room to be cooled.
  2. Install the unit in the coolest part of the room.
  3. Air-conditioned room should be well insulated from direct sunlight. Open doors of air-conditioned rooms only when necessary.
  4. Keep the filter, condenser and other parts clean.
  5. Make sure that the thermostat control is working.
  6. Put off the unit at early dawn and put on the electric fan instead to sustain the cool temperature to last until you get up in the morning.


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